Aussie mum seeks help over 'petrifying' sacs hanging from backyard tree

A Sydney woman says she's 'never seen anything like it' and was shocked to make the discovery in her backyard.

A Sydney mum is contemplating "tearing down" a palm tree in her garden after making a terrifying discovery in her backyard.

Mum-of-two Ashlee told Yahoo News Australia she'd "never seen anything like it", recalling the group of strange pods attached to palm leaves hanging over the family's pool in their Sutherland Shire home.

"The palm branch is up high and poolside on my path to the clothesline," Ashlee explained."I just happened to look up this time". Photos shared with Yahoo show six pear-shaped sacs hanging high up in the tree.

Spider pods/eggs hanging from palm tree.
The Sydney woman found the unusual pods hanging from the palm tree in her gardens. Source: Supplied

Fearing the worst, Ashlee took her queries to social media, asking "what is this?" in a local community Facebook group. Many concluded the sacs are spider eggs belonging to the Magnificent Spider, scientifically known as Ordgarius magnificus.

"I am petrified of spiders," Hannah told Yahoo. "I had a hunch it was a spider, but they looked way too big," she said.

"I honestly want to tear down the branch as I have two young girls under two, but that means getting near it."

Colourful magnificent spider sitting on leaf.
Magnificent Spiders feature distinctive markings and are not harmful to humans. Source: Australian Museum

A single sac can contain 600 spider eggs, which means the Sydney mum might very well have up to 3,600 Magnificent Spiders just waiting to hatch. Thankfully, the species isn't harmful to humans, Simon Hinkley, Museums Victoria Research Institute's Collection Manager of Terrestrial Invertebrates, confirmed to Yahoo.

The spiders like to dwell in native trees in dry or wet Australian forests — but have been known to pop up in suburban gardens. In the past, the incredible spider has been dubbed the 'sushi' or 'marshmallow' spider by some because of their unusual look.

"The female magnificent spider is very distinctive in its markings. It is white with two bright yellow knobs on its abdomen, and a number of salmon-coloured spots and blotches as well," the Australian Museum says.

Spider pods/eggs hanging from palm tree.
The palm tree is in the woman's backyard by the pool where her children play. Source: Supplied

The pods themselves however appeared to have interested many on Ashlee's post, with one admitting, "Omg never seen anything like this".

"Beautiful...bring them to mine! Don't kill them," said another. While a third joked they're "aliens".

"I’m thinking I may need to possibly hire someone to perform a ritual or burn the house," Ashlee wrote on learning what they were. But someone suggested, "cutting off the palm frond and placing it somewhere away from your house".

Spider facts
Spider facts

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