Aussie ranger's tongue-in-cheek response to 'scary' question from tourist

The wildlife ranger produced an information video in response to the tourist's question, explaining all the tips and tricks for riding a kangaroo.

The idea of Aussies bouncing around on a kangaroo with their mullet's flowing in the wind may have been considered a long lost stereotype, but alas — it appears not.

A tourist with plans to make a trip Down Under with his girlfriend asked wildlife ranger Croc Turnbull online whether the couple could "rent" and "ride" a big red kangaroo, and the ranger's response did not disappoint.

"Yes, you can ride them," Croc said while sporting an Akubra. "The thing is though mate, you need to be an experienced rider".

Croc Turnbull speaking about kangaroo riding in his TikTok video.
Wildlife expert Croc Turnbull spoke for three minutes on the joys and dangers of kangaroo riding after a tourist asked whether he could rent one. Source: TikTok/croc.tails

The crocodile wrangler then continued by speaking for the entire three-minute video, casually and methodically explaining the dangers associated with "riding a roo" and the different types of riding licences.

"Once you're experienced you can just hold on with one hand, then you've got a free hand to check your phone or drink your beer."

Ranger's convincing response has Aussies 'roaring' with laughter

While some asked whether the tourist's question was a serious one — and said it was "scary" if it was — Croc confirmed this was far from the worst question he's been asked by clueless tourists.

"Mate I get all sorts of weird questions, you would be surprised what tourists ask me," he told Yahoo News Australia. "Do roos run down the main street? Does the sun rise in the west in the southern hemisphere?"

"It's amazing what you can make people believe if you keep a straight face and chuck a few big words in."

Croc Turnbull points to a kangaroo in a TikTok video.
Croc's videos are full of sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek responses to tourist's questions about Australian wildlife. Source: TikTok/croc.tails

Croc's convincing delivery and detailed response has won over thousands of Aussies who jumped in on the joke in the TikTok video's comment section.

"My kangaroo licence was suspended for riding whilst intoxicated," one Aussie joked, while another complained about the unsuccessful launch of "Roober" in cities.

It is unknown whether the tourist who asked the question caught on to Croc's sarcasm, but it's fair to say many certainly got a kick out of his response.

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