Singer's son can't stop yelling 'boobies'

Rebekah Scanlan

Australian country singer Melinda Schneider may still be blushing after she was upstaged on the Today Extra show by her cheeky five-year-old son, Sullivan.

During a live interview about an upcoming album from his mum, Mary Schneider, called Yodelling and the Big Bands, little Sullivan piped up and suggested it be renamed Boobies and the Big Bands.

The Aussie country singer went on Today Extra with her young son, Sullivan. Source: Instagram

Once the naughty word had slipped from his lips, there was no stopping him and the youngester continued to say it.

The show's hosts, David Campbell and Sonia Kruger, couldn't contain their laughter, which probably only encouraged Sullivan to say it more.

Sullivan stole the show with his naughty joke. Source: Nine

Eventually, Melinda was forced to make light of the boo boo, saying to the Sonia and David: “I think he’s going to be a boob man”.

“I think you might be right,” David replied, while laughing hysterically.

Sonia and David were in hysterics during the whole segment. Source: Nine

Despite trying to steer her son onto another subject, he continued to say the word and Melinda suggested they end the "interview right here.”

But clearly the bloopers were great TV and David insists the cheeky lad is fine.

“No, I don’t want this interview to ever end,” he giggled.

The hosts loved Sullivan and his cheeky quip. Source: Nine

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Melinda only asked if Sullivan could join her five minutes before they went on air. Source: Getty

It's certainly not your usual daytime TV offerings, but the clip is completely hilarious.

Sullivan, you definitely stole the show.

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