Aussie TK Maxx shoppers are obsessed with this $19 kitchen find: 'I want one so bad'

It's the utensil glow-up we never knew we needed.

TK maxx rolling pin
Shoppers are scouring TK Maxx stores, hoping to snag one of these sprinkle-filled rolling pins. Photo: Facebook/TK Maxx Australia Finds

A recent post on the TK Maxx Australia Finds Facebook group has set social media abuzz with excitement over a quirky kitchen find that shoppers can't resist. The unexpected twist on a kitchen staple—a multicoloured sprinkle-filled acrylic rolling pin—has sparked a lively and passionate discussion among members who are eager to get their hands on one.

Members of the group couldn’t contain their enthusiasm, flooding the comments with praise for the whimsical addition to their kitchens. "My kids would absolutely love this!" exclaimed one member, capturing the sentiment shared by many parents looking to add a playful element to their baking routines.


Another member unabashedly declared, "NEED," with a seemingly urgent desire to add the cute product to their kitchen arsenal.

"I want one so bad," chimed in another member.

Sprinkle rolling pin
Some group members felt the acrylic rolling pin was cute but impractical. Photo: Kailo Chic

Even those who confessed to not being fond of baking wanted a piece of the pie, with one comment confessing, "I don't even like baking but I need this."

One person was so inspired by the irreverent find that it prompted them to imagine an alternate future for themselves.

"I fantasised owning a pink cake shop with my name on the front / and I am not a pro baker," they laughed.

At first glance, the $20 item looks like a reasonably ordinary rolling pin, except it's transparent and filled with sprinkles that presumably move around as you roll out your pastry or dough.

Some people said that acrylic wasn't the best material for a rolling pin. Credit: Facebook
Some people said that acrylic wasn't the best material for a rolling pin. Credit: Facebook

Maybe we didn't realise we needed that level of whimsy in our kitchen line-up but now we know it's an option, we absolutely do.

However, amidst the wave of love for this adorable baking utensil, functional concerns have surfaced.


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"Acrylic is not ideal for rolling pastry; everything would stick to this," cautioned one member, offering a practical perspective. "I would only use it as decoration—it's very cute, though just not practical,"

But we won't let that stop us; when has practicality ever stood in the way of snagging something cute - and for a bargain price?

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