Aussie woman's warning after buying vape in Bali: 'Knives in my lungs'

An Aussie woman has recounted the night she “almost died” after buying “a dodgy vape off a guy on the beach” in Bali.

Annie Knight, from the Gold Coast, says she was with friends at Finns Beach Club when a man kept pestering her to purchase a vape.

“The guy comes over and he looks so stoned, like his eyes are bright red,” she told viewers on TikTok.

“I don’t know why...sirens didn’t go off in my head, like maybe don't get a vape from this guy.”

Annie Knight sitting in a chair (left) and the young woman standing on the beach (right) before buying a vape in Bali..
Annie Knight said it felt like there were knives in her lungs after she vaped in Bali. Source: Instagram

But despite her concerns, she conceded and bought one for AUD$17.

“I open it in front of me [and] he’s still standing there,” she said in the video which has since been viewed almost 630,000 times.

“I’m like, that’s weird, why is he still standing there, like I’ve given him the money...and he’s like, oh I’ll take the rubbish for you.

“Again I don’t know why I didn’t think red flag, why the f**k was he wanting the rubbish so badly.”

After handing over the packaging, Ms Knight says she started vaping and took about 20 puffs over the next few hours.

The 25-year-old explained how she bought the vape off a man on the beach in Bali. Source: TiikTok
The 25-year-old explained how she bought the vape off a man on the beach in Bali. Source: TiikTok

'It was so painful'

It wasn’t until she was at dinner that night that she was struggling to breath.

“Like it hurt,” she said, “my lungs hurt”.

“So we go home and I'm lying in bed...and as soon as it gets like more than halfway, my lungs, it felt like there were knives in my lungs.

“It was so painful.”

Lying in agony, the 25-year-old started Googling the emergency number in Bali as well as ‘dodgy vapes in Bali’ and ‘why do my lungs feel like there's knives in them’.

The search results were terrifying.

“All this bad stuff started coming up saying like, take yourself to hospital, go to hospital right now, like this is not normal,” she said.

“I'm like holy s**t, what do I do?

“So I was lying in bed like literally stressing all night because I was scared to fall asleep because I thought I was gonna die.”

'I’ve been given a second chance'

Fortunately, by morning Ms Knight felt better.

“I obviously didn't die,” she told her 34,100 followers on TikTok.

“All was well, I woke up the next day a little bit sore still but then by the next day, it was gone.”

After suffering the “worst night of her life” the influencer has vowed to never vape again.

“Mark my words, I am never doing it again,” she said.

“It was not good. I thought I was actually going to die but it's okay, I'm here, I've been given a second chance and I'm not vaping again.”

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