Australian TV host shocks viewers with joke about the Queen’s walking stick

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Australian TV hosts Karl Stefanovic and Alex Cullen have shocked viewers after making a sex joke about the Queen as she was seen using a walking stick while attending a service at Westminster Abbey.

Arriving at the service that marked the centenary of the Royal British Legion on Tuesday (12 October), the Queen was handed the stick after stepping from her state limousine. 

She appeared to move freely as she walked to her seat for the start of the service, but used a shorter route via the poet’s yard entrance instead of the traditional great west door.

The 95-year-old monarch was seen using the stick again as she left.

“She was using a cane. She was 95,” Nine Network’s Alex Cullen said while reporting about yesterday’s headlines, to which Stefanovic replied: “She could use it to beat you up.”

“I‘d let her win. She’s 95,” Cullen joked.

Stefanovic then said: “She would smash you, bro,” to which Cullen said: “She would smash me and then jump on me.”

“I suppose she is single,” Stefanovic added, after which the panel began laughing. 

The hosts have received backlash for their crude comments on social media. 

One person wrote: “Karl Stefanovic makes crude joke about the Queen using a walking stick. Stefanovic and Cullen should be fired for their rudeness, disrespect and crude insinuations, that stick is to help our 95-year-old Queen and that sort of rubbish on our TV program should be dealt with harshly.”

Another person called the hosts “ignorant b*******”

According to reports, the walking stick is understood to be tailored for the Queen’s comfort, but Buckingham Palace has declined to comment.

This isn’t the first time the Queen has been seen using a walking stick. In 2004, she was photographed using one at engagements after she had a knee operation.

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