Ayda Field and Robbie Williams' sex life is 'completely dead'

Ayda Field and Robbie Williams' sex life is "completely dead".
The 43-year-old actress has bemoaned the fact that since the arrival of their four children, Teddy, nine, Charlie, seven, Coco, three, and two-year-old Beau, their bedroom has become nothing more than a "communal workspace and sleeping area".
Speaking on her podcast, 'Postcards from the Edge', Ayda said: "When there was romance, when that happens, yes, there would be a communal sleeping place just out of physical need. But now that that's completely dead. It's been obliterated by four kids.
"There is really no need to go to bed at the same time. It's just a joint work space now.
"I might as well make the bed like a ping pong table and we could just play every now and then. And then stray off into other corners to sleep.
"I think that's what it is - it's a WeWork space."
And when they are in bed together, Ayda complained that the former Take That star keeps her awake.
She said: "Rob snores, which did not happen in the early days.
"I'll sometimes kind of thump him with my leg, I'll shove. Sometimes it works but then he goes right back to doing it...
“It’s like a sleeping f****** bear. Like honestly, the Gruffalo could walk in and Rob would just be there with his little acorn in the bed and would not even notice.
“There’s, like, earthquakes in LA — nothing wakes the man.”
But the former 'Loose Women' star has no desire to retreat to a separate room from her 48-year-old husband.
She said: “Sleep does really bring me to the edge, because there’s so little of it available and you know you’ve got the kids in the morning.
“I have some girlfriends who are like, ‘Just sleep in a different room’. But then I think, ‘God, then we’re officially just room mates. We might (as well) be brother and sister’. Like, I’m just holding on to a thread with this joint sleeping place.”