Ayda Field social distancing herself from Robbie Williams

Ayda Field is social distancing herself from husband Robbie Williams after he travelled to Australia for work in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 40-year-old actress shared a fun video on her Instagram account of Robbie, 46, standing in the grounds of their Beverly Hills home before standing on a balcony prompting Ayda to call the pop star her "Romeo", in reference to Shakespeare's romantic tragedy 'Romeo and Juliet'.

In the video, Ayda can be heard shouting: "Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?"

Standing in the gravel driveway, Robbie - who is from Stoke-on-Trent, England - replies: "Down here!'"

Prompting Ayda to quip: "I don't remember Romeo talking like that."

To which the 'Angels' hitmaker says: "Ey up, Juliet, I'm right here, y'alright? Don't worry everything's alright."

Ayda then signs off by saying, "I love you boo!", while Robbie answers, "Love you too."

The former 'X Factor' judge confirmed that Robbie is being kept out of the Los Angeles mansion - where they live with their four children, daughter Teddy, seven, son Charlton, five, 18-month-old daughter Colette and newborn baby boy Beau - in case he has come into contact with the potentially fatal respiratory illness during his trip Down Under.

Ayda explained: "So we're just social distancing right now, a lot of people have been asking what social distancing is and I've looked it up ... And it's just staying away from bars, restaurants and clubs and your own husband if he's been to Australia on a plane and in an airport."

The former Take That singer insists he doesn't feel ill and Ayda is still meeting with up with him in their garden, he just isn't allowed inside the home where his kids and mother-in-law Gwen are living with his wife.

Robbie said: "The good news is that I don't feel too bad, I've been told that if you can hold your breath for ten seconds and not cough!"