Babies born in 2018 expected to see 2100

Most of the about 170 Kiwi babies born on New Year's Day are predicted to live to see the next century, according to Unicef.

Thanks to quality of New Zealand's health and education services, those born from Monday after expected to see the 260th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi and 21 Rugby World Cups, Unicef New Zealand executive director Vivien Maidaborn says.

"Babies born in New Zealand have access to high levels of care, education and medical assistance, which is reflected in their long life spans," she said.

But the 170 New Zealand children born on January 1 will only make up about 0.044 of nearly 400,000 newborns across the globe.

"Our hope is that by the time these babies reach adulthood, the success we see here in New Zealand is shared with other countries around the world," Ms Maidaborn said.

"We are now entering the era when all the world's newborns should have the opportunity to see the 22nd century."

There are 21 countries with life expectancies higher than New Zealand.

Japan and Switzerland top the list, with their newborns expected to live until 2102.