Baby girl floats 1.5km out to sea while parents were 'distracted'

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A one-year-old girl has been rescued after being blown out to sea in an inflatable tyre while her parents were reportedly distracted.

Video circulating on social media shows the distressed little girl floating in a pink inflatable as a rescuer swims next to her and a jet ski approaches.

The little girl, in tears, is gently hoisted on board the jet ski before she is taken to safety.

A man helps a girl, 1, in an inflatable tyre swept out to sea.
The men rescue the little girl from the pink inflatable. Source: Facebook

She had been blown away in strong winds from the beach at Kelibia in Tunisia on Tuesday afternoon, Czech news site reported.

The publication cited unnamed sources claiming the toddler managed to travel more than one kilometre from the shore.

Other witnesses told Shems FM the girl was blown away because her parents were not watching her.

But it is not clear what had distracted them or how long their attention was diverted.

When they realised the girl had drifted out to sea they alerted authorities, sparking a search.

Authorities warned beachgoers to be cautious in minding young children.

On Facebook, viewers were thankful the little girl appeared to be OK.

“Thank God she's safe,” one woman wrote.

Many Tunisians have taken to the beach recently to escape a heatwave despite the country’s ongoing dealings with the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier in July, the country struggled through its worst week since the pandemic began, recording more than 44,500 new Covid cases and a staggering 1170 deaths.

Only seven per cent of the population is fully vaccinated.

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