Bad Bunny proudly supports the LGBTQ community

Bad Bunny thinks it's important he voices his support for the LGBTQ community.

The 25-year-old singer aspires to educate his fans about the LGBTQ community, and also feels it's his responsibility to question toxic masculinity whenever he encounters it.

The music star said: "I think, as a reggaeton singer, I have a [fan base] that I think needs that message or that type of education.

"So, I decide to talk about these issue because it's important."

Bad Bunny has frequently slammed homophobia on his social media platforms.

And his latest music video, for the single 'Ignorantes', actually features LGBTQ relationships.

Reflecting on the decision, he told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I think, especially like in the 'Ignorantes' video, it's a video about love, so the video is going to be about love. Love is love!"

During his career, Bad Bunny has also been vocal about mental health issues.

The star hopes that by candidly talking about the issues, his fans will develop the courage to follow suit.

The singer said: "I think that it's very important to talk about it. Maybe some people need the motivation, the confidence, and maybe if they see Bad Bunny talking about it, they're going to do the same."

Meanwhile, Bad Bunny recently admitted he is currently in the "happiest moment" of his career.

The Puerto Rican star - whose real name is Benito Ocasio - shared: "Right now, I'm in my happiest moment of my career."

Bad Bunny enjoyed a stellar year in 2019, but he's hoping to achieve even more in the remainder of 2020.

He said: "It was an amazing year full of amazing moments and I'm so grateful, but I think 2020 will be a lot better."