'The Great British Bake Off' 2022 final's 5 biggest moments in the battle to win

Syabira, Abdul and Sandro took on the Bake Off final. (Channel 4)
Syabira, Abdul and Sandro took on the Bake Off final. (Channel 4)

It's been a mouthwatering 10 weeks in the Great British Bake Off tent and now the 2022 contest has finally drawn to a close.

But before the winner was crowned, there was still plenty of drama to get through in the last episode of the series.

The Great British Bake Off 2022's 5 biggest moments in the final

Noel Fielding isn't there

Noel, Matt, Paul & Prue
Noel Fielding managed to get back in time for the showstopper. (Channel 4)

The cast was one man down for the first two challenges as presenter Noel Fielding was off sick, leaving Matt Lucas to handle the time calls on his own.

However, a slightly peaky looking Fielding did return to help soothe contestant nerves for the showstopper, telling the finalists he couldn't miss their last challenge.

Sandro's inspirational story

Sandro shared his nerves at applying for the show. (Channel 4)

Viewers always get a chance to find out a little more about the contestants in the final, and this year, Sandro's story was particularly moving.

As a young child, he and his family had fled war in Angola to find refuge in the East End of London and he explained the doubts he'd had about Bake Off being for him.

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He said: "Based on where I come from and where I live, that was one of my doubts in even applying, I just thought this will never really happen for a boy like me, from The End.

"It's bigger than me, being able to get here, it shows other young boys and girls from the same background that they can also do it."

Summer pudding bombe explosion

Paul & Prue
Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith weren't impressed with the technical results. (Channel 4) (Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions)

It's a love it or hate it dessert at the best of times, but there wasn't much that looked appetising about the results of the summer pudding bombe technical.

The bakers' bombes were served up pre-exploded after an all-round disaster that involved Sandro's jelly not setting, nobody's mousse setting, and everyone cutting their bread to the wrong shape.

Abdul edged a win after managing the only pudding that at least slightly held its shape, but at least the finalists were able to laugh at their chaotic last technical.

Impossible showstoppers

Syabira built a biscuit orangutan. (Channel 4)

Of course, the showstopper should see the final three aiming high, but it seemed that judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith might have pushed it a little far in what was actually achievable this time.

Bakers were asked to create an edible sculpture celebrating the planet - which was the theme of the final - and it had to include a large cake base, as well as three other baking skill elements.

Abdul created a honey-laced bee sculpture. (Channel 4)

With just four and a half hours to complete their final bake, time was tight for the finalists to get everything in the oven and assembled to perfection, which showed in the finished sculptures.

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Sandro was told his cake had burned, Syabira's biscuit orangutan was labelled "rather strange" by Leith, and the judge also told Abdul his choux buns were "a proper failure".

The garden party is back

The Final 3 Syabira, Abdul and Sandro
Friends and family were back on the guest list. (Channel 4)

Although Bake Off managed the feat of continuing throughout the pandemic, it wasn't without some major adjustments, including strict bubbles and only allowing crew members to the end of series garden party.

So it was a huge milestone that this year, the busy garden party was finally back up to full capacity with all of the bakers and their loved ones invited along to celebrate.

It was an emotional moment to see the party packed out with guests, all of them cheering on the finalists as they waited to hear who had been crowned the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2022.

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