This Bath Bomb Was Made For Parents Who Just Need A Damn Break

Taylor Pittman

When it comes to helping parents relax, Whiskey River Soap Co. gets it.

The company has a bath bomb for sale called “A Bath Bomb For What Kids?” and promises it smells “like a locked door,” so even the sneakiest kids can’t bother you.

This bath bomb from Whiskey River Soap Co. was made with parents in mind.

Tabitha Wilson, owner and creative director of Whiskey River Soap Co., told HuffPost the motivation behind the $8.95 bath bomb comes from her experience as a kid.

“I remember my mother telling us she was taking a nap so we should be quiet, which never worked,” she said. “My siblings and I would come in and whisper to her, ’Mom. MOM. Can I get a snack? Mom? Is that OK?’ The only safe place to lock a door is the bathroom.”

The funny product for parents is the company’s top-selling bath bomb. Not hard to see why.

See more of Whiskey River Soap Co.’s products on its site.

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  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.