BBC Anchor Delivers The Most Unenthusiastic Royal Baby Report Ever

"Clear your diaries, get the time booked off" - @BBCSimonMcCoy announces royal baby due date in his unique way

Some royal fanatics are eager for any bit of news out ofBuckingham Palace. Then there’sSimon McCoy

The BBC anchor delivered a delightfully unenthusiastic report on the latest royal baby “news” thatPrince WilliamandDuchess Katewere expecting their third childin April. Then, he wondered aloud why that was even considered news. 

“Clear your diaries. Get the time booked off, that’s what I’m doing,” McCoy said with a tone of voice that suggested he was doing no such thing. 

He also posted the royal baby news on Twitter: 

McCoy made headlines in 2013 for somesnarky royal baby coverage. But over the summer, it seemed as if he had found the one thing he liked even less than royal babies:dog surfing

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