Beagle Bonds with Two Kittens, Decides to Nurse Duo and Become Their Surrogate Mom

Kelli Bender

Daisy the year-old beagle is here to prove that everything you’ve heard about the bad blood between cats and dogs is wrong.

According to Metro, the owners of the Kent, England, canine recently welcomed two 9-week-old kittens into their home, even though they originally only planned to adopt one.

Jane, one of Daisy’s owners, went to adopt one baby cat from a neighboring farm — a ginger tabby named Dexter — “but when we went to get him we could see this little black kitten at the back all on his own. My heart melted. We thought ‘sod it’ and decided to get him too,” Jane told the outlet.

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Jane and her family instantly fell for Dexter and black kitten Fletcher, but didn’t know how their beagle would react.

Simon Jacobs/Caters
Simon Jacobs/Caters

Daisy ended up having the strongest reaction of all, instantly bonding with the little felines. The dog has become so attached to the pair, she has started producing milk and is now nursing the kittens.

It is safe for dogs to nurse kittens and for kittens to nurse from dogs, reports Metro. It’s unclear why Daisy started to produce milk, but the kittens appear to be grateful for the surprising shift.

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Dexter and Fletcher’s new “surrogate mom” also ensures that the other family dog is gentle with the kittens and generally protects the pussycats from any harm.

This appears to be the beginning of lifelong friendship filled with snuggles for the trio.