Beat the Chasers: Paul Sinha issues response after viewers complain of ‘incorrect’ Patrick Swayze question

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Paul “The Sinnerman” Sinha has responded to viewer complaints over a question in the latest episode of Beat the Chasers.

The ITV quiz show had drawn the ire of fans during Monday’s (16 May) episode with a question concerning Patrick Swayze.

One of the episode’s contestants, a man named Steven, managed to “beat the chasers” in a quiz-off, but fans were perplexed when one of Sinha’s answers was declared wrong.

Host Bradley Walsh appeared to ask, “What Patrick Swayze film became a West End musical?” prompting Sinha to buzz in and respond “Dirty Dancing”.

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He was then informed that the correct answer was Ghost.

However, as viewers rapidly pointed out on social media, Dirty Dancing was also adapted into a musical in the West End.

Last night, Sinha cleared up the confusion on Twitter, revealing that Walsh had not in fact finished reading the question when he buzzed in to answer.

“That was episode 1. When we’re chasing the game, mistakes are made. But that Dirty Dancing/Ghost call was brutal,” he wrote.

“Just to clarify, the swayze q hadnt finished,” he added, writing elsewhere: “There was going to be a year in the second part of the question.”

Beat the Chasers airs on ITV at 9pm every weekday this week on ITV.

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