Bella Thorne loves working with 'eccentric' and 'different' people

Bella Thorne loves working with "eccentric" people.
The 25-year-old actress - who currently has a number of indie films in the works - is determined to collaborate with "different people" in her work life.
Bella explained: "I love indie filmmaking. I love an indie film set and working on these indie darlings are really like the best sets to be on because you meet the most interesting people.
"You know, if I’m going to spend my whole life f****** doing this, then I hope my whole life is not going to be spent hating my days on set because I don’t talk to anybody or because nobody’s actually that nice or because everybody’s tired or not being treated well. If it’s your whole life, it better be worth it.
"Indie filmmaking puts me in a lot of interesting positions to meet genuine, weird, eccentric, different people. That makes my job more interesting and makes up for the parts that aren’t always working so well."
Bella appreciates the support of her fans, but she admits it can be tough to deal with the attention that comes her way.
Asked which parts of her work she doesn't enjoy, Bella - who shot to stardom as a child - told The Hollywood Reporter: "Oh, god, being ridiculed for stepping outside of the house.
"You know, trying to live my life or do something privately and then not being able to have my own thoughts or opinions. I don’t know, there’s so many things that can be really tiring.
"But then things like this happen, getting into Sundance [Film Festival], and I’m, like, yay, I’m glad that people f****** love it. You know, that makes me happy."