Bella Thorne wore a black bra and sailor hat on the red carpet like it was no big deal

Arielle Tschinkel
Bella Thorne wore a black bra and sailor hat on the red carpet like it was no big deal

Bella Thorne has proven that she’s never afraid of taking a risk in the name of fashion, and her latest outfit is no exception. Bella went out in a little black bra and sailor hat, letting her undergarment be the star of the show for the evening.

OK, so maybe the rest of us wouldn’t feel totally comfortable going out with our shirts completely unbuttoned, but Bella somehow pulls it off, partying in a bra and jeans under a baseball jersey. At an Adidas event on Saturday night, Bella bared her midriff and showed off her pink hair and super-cool black bra, in a comfy yet daring ensemble. The 19-year-old paired a baseball jersey with ripped jeans and Adidas sneakers, letting her magenta hair fall our of a sailor-chic hat {that’s right. Sailor- chic is officially a thing now).

The Adidas event was specifically for The Manchester United Squad, so she naturally repped the iconic athletic brand by rocking their iconic triple stripe kicks. Bella added her own spin on athleisure by pairing the sneakers with ripped jeans, and we are LOVING THIS LOOK.

Bella kept the outfit fun and casual by adding her signature colorful bracelets.

She topped it all off with a classic red nail. We are so impressed with how so many different elements have come together to create such an on point ensemble.

We love that Bella always takes fashion risks, and she’s making a strong case for unbuttoning our tops and showing off our lingerie this summer. Even if you’re a bit too shy to go fully unbuttoned, it’s always fun to wear a super sexy bra…even if you’re the only one who sees it. You go, girl!