Ben Affleck left emotional after kind gesture from Adam Driver

Ben Affleck was left emotional by a small act of kindness by Adam Driver.

The 47-year-old actor got visibly tearful as he thanked his 'The Last Duel' co-star for making him a "hero" with his eight-year-old son Samuel by sending a number of birthday gifts from Kylo Ren for 'Star Wars' mad Sam.

He said: "I'm a divorced dad, I get half the time with my son, and it was his birthday! So I said to [the producers], 'I'll do whatever the schedule needs, but on the 27th, I gotta be in L.A.' So they set it up where I was shooting right up to the 27th, and then I kinda had to scramble ... and I was going to land right in time for his birthday. We had presents set up and everything was getting shipped and sent, and I was gonna pick it up and go to his surprise party."

Things started off well but soon came apart as Ben realised the presents he had bought for his son had missed the flight home but Adam pulled through with a gift that young Samuel would never forget.

Recalling what happened on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he added: "I said, 'Where are the presents?' And he said, 'Well, they didn't get here.' So it meant I had to show up to my son's party with no gift for him. And there was this sort of sinking, awful feeling. And then he goes, 'But, there is something! Adam heard it was your son's birthday. So he called your assistant and got your address and sent some presents, and signed a card and a picture from Kylo Ren. So I took those presents and went to see my son. I watched him open all the other presents, and then I said, 'Sam, my presents didn't get here on time. But I did get a present from somebody who really wanted to make sure you got a gift,' and he was like, 'Who?' And I said, 'Kylo Ren.' He opened the presents and I played him the video, and it was an incredibly moving and powerful moment. Adam made me a hero to my kid, and I will never, ever, ever forget that."