Ben Foden struggled to workout when he became a dad

Ben Foden found it hard to maintain an exercise regime once he became a father.

The 32-year-old rugby player has admitted the time he used to dedicate to working out started to dwindle away when his children Aoife, six, and Tadhg, three, were born but him and his wife Una have now found a way to get their heart racing while on the school run after teaming up with DW Fitness First on a new week-long campaign.

The hunky sportsman said: "Even as a rugby player, you notice how hard it is to maintain an exercise regime when you become a parent.

"It must be incredibly difficult when exercise is not part and parcel of your job. Una and I find it challenging to exercise as a family, but we still believe there is a way to do it, and it is definitely worth it.

"This workout has really helped us fit exercise around our daily lives with Aoife and Tadhg. It's great that DW Fitness First and the UK's 4 National Governing Bodies of Athletics and Running have teamed up together to help busy parents incorporate exercise into their lives.

"During School Run Week parents and children can join us to run their School Run. Alternatively, parents can download our free family workout to have a go at home."

Meanwhile, the former Saturdays singer, 36, recently admitted being a parent has made her more anxious so she's thankful her spouse helps her get perspective on certain situations as he's much more laid back.

She said: "I wish I could be more 'go with the flow'. To be honest,I am a massive worrier. I worry way too much and I always worry if the kids are OK. I am more of an anxious person than laid back but luckily Ben is the complete opposite to me."

Ben and Una are pictured with their daughter Aoife as faces of DW Fitness First's new campaign The School Run, a nationwide campaign with the UK's Four National Governing Bodies to motivate and support parents in keeping families fit and healthy. To sign up to a run during School Run Week from June 26, or run with Ben and Una in Bristol visit