Ben Foden's daughter rushed to hospital

Ben Foden's three-year-old daughter Farrah has been rushed to hospital.
The youngster was playing at an outdoor play gym with her siblings when she suffered a hairline fracture to her foot and she must wear a cast up to her thigh to prevent injuring herself further.
Ben's wife Jackie shared some pictures of Farrah in the emergency room on Instagram and wrote: "Farrah was jumping into the foam pit at Ferox (which is a parkour gymnasium down the block) off those gymnastics jumping platforms, not even just the ledge into the pit, off an elevated metal platform they have at the edge of the pit and some moron kid had removed most of the foam blocks fight in front of the jump, which no one regulates, which I didn't realize from my angle I was sitting at, bc there were still a couple left so it's hard to judge the depth and she jumped in and her foot hit the floor inside the pit, which insanely wasn't padded, also the entire place is completely unsupervised, they have a bunch of staff that lingers around but pays ZERO attention to anything going on or to what kids are doing/ altering equipment etc.
"SO in Farrah's case, it's a hairline fracture in the front of her foot but bc babies slip out of casts so easily they have to cast up to the thigh, she can't walk or do anything for the next 4-6 weeks, which is unfathomable to think about for a toddler. So yah, pray for us."
Ben married American businesswoman Jackie in August 2019 after just two weeks of dating and the couple welcomed Farrah in 2020.
Ben also has children Aoife, 11 and Tadgh, eight, with former wife Una Healy.
Aoife and Tadgh have been spending the summer in New York with Ben and Jackie, where they are based.
Una previously told HELLO!: "I'm really happy for them that they have summers in New York and that they’re making lovely memories with their dad, stepmother, and sister
"Our dynamic is probably different to many people’s, but there are lots of people who have families where the parents aren't together anymore. You just manage it as best you can."