Ben Simmons' unusual response to Kendall Jenner snapshot with LeBron James

A viral screenshot of Kendall Jenner staring in admiration of L.A. Lakers superstar LeBron James led to a first in the NBA career of Australian star Ben Simmons.

Jenner, Simmons’ girlfriend, looked particularly impressed with the 19-time NBA All-Star midway through the second quarter of the Lakers’ loss to the Australian’s Philadelphia 76ers.

Unfortunately for Simmons, who is soon to play in his first All-Star game next week, the shot captured the attention of thousands of NBA fans online.

Kendall Jenner reacts as LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers approaches her in the first quarter. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The extra attention may have inadvertently led to a first for the Sixers star – hoisting the first legitimate three point attempt of his career, less than one minute after the half-time break.

Renowned among NBA fans for his lack of a jump shot, many fans were quick to point out the coincidence.

Plenty more NBA fans, pundits and even Simmons’ own teammate, fellow All-Star Joel Embiid, expressed their surprise at the shot.

Aside from chucking attempted half-court buzzer-beaters, the young Australian had never taken a set three-pointer – and may not for a while, after his first clanked off the rim.

Simmons gets last laugh

Simmons, who went head to head with his mentor James for most of the game, ultimately claimed revenge among the roasting, a 143-120 win.

The three-time NBA champion spent much of the first half daring his protege to shoot the ball.

James even spent an entire possession without leaving the key, prompted by Simmons’ reluctance to use his jumpshot.