Benedict Cumberbatch pays tribute to late sister after her death aged 62

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Benedict Cumberbatch has paid tribute to his "gifted" sister after her tragic death.
The 45-year-old actor has revealed his older sibling Tracy Peacock - who was an artist - recently died aged 62 after a seven-year battle with cancer.
As quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper's Eden Confidential column, he said: "As the greatly awful Donald Rumsfeld said, 'stuff happens'.
"It's horrible. She was nothing to do with this world. She was markedly different.
"She was a brilliant fine artist but ended up doing a lot of restorative work on canvas and on frames and carpentry.
"But still kept her hand in and did her own work and made the most Christmas and celebratory cards of any kind of festival. She was very gifted."
Tracy - who was affectionately known as 'Tracks' - was the daughter of Benedict's mother Wanda Ventham and her first husband James Tabernacle.
When the star's actress mother married his father Timothy Carlton, Tracy - then a teenager - stayed with her mother, and so grew up with Benedict.
She looked after him as a baby, and he recalled one moment she accidentally left him on a freezing rooftop after she put him there to calm down.
He added: "She forgot about me. I mean, it was funny. She was in the kitchen with her friends and she suddenly saw the snow falling through the window."
Meanwhile, the 'Sherlock' star recently called for an end to toxic masculinity as he urged men to "shut up and listen".
He said: "We need to fix the behaviour of men. You have to kind of lift the lid on the engine a little bit,
“I think it’s ever relevant, and in a world that’s questioning and ripping into and finally pointing out the inadequacies of the status quo and the patriarchy, it’s even more important.
"You get this sort of rebellion aspect, this denial, this sort of childish defensive position of ‘not all men are bad’. No, we just have to shut up and listen.”

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