Bethenny Frankel: I don't like the feeling of being full

Bethenny Frankel doesn't "like the feeling of being full".
The 53-year-old TV star has taken to social media to reveal how she's managed to maintain her enviable figure for so many years.
Bethenny - who is best known for starring on 'The Real Housewives of New York City' - said in an Instagram video: "How do I stay so thin? So, I pick my spots. If I know I’m going to some crazy doughnut place or hotdog place, I may not have the meal that comes before that. But I won’t not eat at all, otherwise, you’re gonna go there and overeat on that. It’ll just be a light day.
"I’m also not eating all the doughnuts, or all the hotdogs or all the pizza. You’re really tasting everything, eating nothing."
Bethenny insists she never over-indulges on her food.
She shared: "I also never binge. I never eat to the point where I’m full. Not never, but sometimes. I do not like the feeling of being full. It’s uncomfortable. So if you never eat until you get full, you’ll be fine.
"I’m also a slow eater and I chew slowly. I chew my food thoroughly."
Bethenny founded her own lifestyle brand called Skinnygirl, and she previously revealed what she does and doesn't look for in a potential employee.
The TV star told CNBC: "I’ve found that people interview me when I’m interviewing them. They want to know exactly how much time they actually have to be at work, how many vacation days they get, when lunch is. And that’s a big red flag."
On the other hand, Bethenny isn't obsessed with qualifications, either.
She shared: "You could know that, like, you didn’t do that great in school, and no one’s ever called you particularly intelligent. But you are a hustler. You work hard, and that’s almost more than enough."