Betty White was the best of the best, says Don Cheadle

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Don Cheadle has hailed Betty White as the "best of the best".
The 57-year-old actor has taken to Twitter to pay a heartfelt tribute to the Hollywood star, who passed away on New Year's Eve (31.12.21) at the age of 99.
Don - who starred alongside the actress in the CBS series 'The Golden Palace' - wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "betty was the best of the best. when we were shooting scenes together it was difficult for the DP to get the lighting right between my chocolate and betty's white! she was either a ghost or i was the shadow. i came on set one day and betty had darkened her make up/hair a bit in
"an attempt to accommodate for it. nobody asked her to do it. and that's just one small example of her overflowing generosity. my dogs thank her too. she gave us our veterinarian reco who we still see to this day. she was the goldenest of them all and will be forever missed. [broken heart emoji] (sic)"
Meanwhile, Jeff Witjas - the actress' agent and long-time friend - recently revealed that Betty "knew" she was loved by millions of fans all around the world.
Jeff explained that he always reminded Betty of her popularity with fans.
He shared: "She knew it, but I would tell her often. Even when she wasn't working, I said, 'Betty, millions of people out there are still asking for you. You're getting your fan letters, I'm getting offers for you.'"
Jeff always wanted Betty to know just how much people loved and admired her.
He shared: "I don't know if she ever embraced it, [or] really, really felt it. The extent of it. I really don't.
"I would always reinforce it with her because I always felt she should know that. I never wanted her to think while she was sitting at home, that the world has passed her by. It never did."

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