Beyoncé Fan Rewears Wedding Dress to Concert in Celebration of 1 Year Anniversary: 'Full-Circle' (Exclusive)

“I think wedding dresses are such a huge expense and if you can find a way to rewear them, you definitely should,” Aja Dang tells PEOPLE

<p>Aja Dang</p> Aja Dang rewears wedding dress to Beyoncés Renaissance concert

Aja Dang

Aja Dang rewears wedding dress to Beyoncés Renaissance concert

Aja Dang believes that if you spend a lot of money on a wedding dress, you might as well wear it twice!

So on Sept. 4 — when the content creator, 36, and her husband Brian Puspos, 37, attended Beyoncé's Renaissance tour birthday concert in Los Angeles, which happened to fall on their first wedding anniversary — they decided to arrive in none other than their original wedding attire. “When @beyonce has a concert on your one year wedding anniversary, you bring the wedding gown out of storage,” Dang wrote on Instagram.

The Beyoncé-superfans first went viral last year for their wedding dance to Beyoncé’s song "Cuff It." In the TikTok video, which got over 28.4 million views, Puspos, a renown photographer, choreographed a walk-in dance for him and Dang’s wedding day.

“I just felt like it was the right opportunity,” Dang tells PEOPLE reflecting on her decision to wear the dress. “For us as a couple specifically, Sept. 4 means a lot. Not only is it Beyoncé’s birthday but it was our first wedding anniversary and we also went viral for our Beyoncé wedding dance, so I just thought it was a full-circle opportunity for me to finally rewear my wedding dress for the first time since my wedding.”

Dang says the moment she came across her now wedding dress — a white dress with pearls, chiffon and drapery from Sarah Seven — she was “drawn to it."

“I actually went dress shopping by myself,” she remembers. “I didn't really want to do the big hoopla of bringing all the friends, my mom went once with me… but I made the final decision completely by myself.”

But when it came to styling the dress for the Beyoncé concert, Dang wanted to mix it up a bit. Her mom suggested she incorporate a “disco ball” feel. “My mom paid for the dress but I just didn’t want to spend that kind of money to only wear something once,” she says. “That felt that was wasteful.”

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<p>Rhema Jaime</p> Aja Dang wears wedding dress on her wedding day

Rhema Jaime

Aja Dang wears wedding dress on her wedding day

Leading up to the concert Dang experimented with different ways she could style the dress to give it more of a Beyoncé including pinning up the dress train or having someone hem the dress up to be shorter. She says in her TikTok she also brainstormed ways she could “drip herself in pearls” as an ode to the lyrics the Beyoncé song "Heated."

“Honestly, it was really difficult and I was freaking out because I just did not know what to do,” she tells PEOPLE.

“I also didn't want to completely ruin the original dress. I was just searching on Pinterest for ideas and I found this beautiful gown," she adds. "I don’t even know who it was from or where the pin was from but it was only the bodice and it was draped in pearls and these brooches and that’s exactly what my friends and I tried to do with the dress.”

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In the midst of all the planning, Dang notes that she forgot to tell Puspos about her plans to repurpose her dress. As a TikToker, she says sometimes she just posts things on social media and forgets to tell her husband.

“I think he was more concerned about how he was going to stand up to my wedding dress,” she says. “We decided to just have him wear his wedding suit but we removed the shirt and had him bedazzle it a little and he ended up looking great.”

The whole look came together the night before the show. Dang says her friends Erick Orzo and Devin & Athena, who are stylists in Los Angeles, spent about three hours pinning the beads onto the dress and doing Dang's makeup.

“This was actually my fourth Renaissance concert,” she says. “We weren’t planning to go originally but after Brian and I went the first time in Barcelona we just decided it was really important for us to go on her birthday. We knew it would be a great concert and for us it would also be an anniversary present.”

“Wedding dresses are such a huge expense and if you can find a way to rewear them, you definitely should,” she says. “I plan to rewear my wedding dress again. Somehow, I don’t think this will be my last time."

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