Biden, Kenya's Ruto urge global leaders to ease debt for developing world

President Joe Biden is rolling out the red carpet for Kenyan President William Ruto with the first state visit to the United States by an African leader in more than 15 years.

Ruto and his wife, Rachel Ruto, arrived at the White House on Thursday morning for a pomp-filled ceremony aimed at recognising the growing importance of the US-Kenya relationship. The leaders will later hold talks and a joint news conference before a formal state dinner on the White House grounds.

They are using the three-day state visit to Washington, which began Wednesday, to call on economies around the globe to take action to reduce the enormous debt burden crushing Kenya and other developing nations.

The call to action, termed the Nairobi-Washington Vision, comes as Biden presses his appeal to African nations that the US can be a better partner than economic rival China. Beijing has been deepening its investment on the continent – often with high-interest loans and other difficult financing terms.

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Ruto said Wednesday that his talks with Biden will address “how we can have a fairer international financial system where all countries are treated equally.”

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