Big W shoppers see red over 'gross' detail on lacy undies

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Big W has inadvertently left shoppers in stitches over a major design fail on one of their underwear sets.

The Aussie retailer advertised a pair of lacy undies and a matching bra in green, red and white pattern for a very reasonable $12 in one of their stories recently, but it was the unfortunate colour placement and not the bargain price that caught people's attention.

Big W undies period red stain accident oversight gaffe
A pair of lace undies from Big W has shopper seeing red. Photo: Getty Images

In a Reddit post sharing a snap of the two-piece set, an astute observer pointed out that the design of the undies was a misunderstanding waiting to happen.

"Feel like Big W has sorta had a bit of a design fail here..." the shopper wrote, attaching a snap of the design in question.

In the photo a bra in a khaki shade of green trimmed with red and white lace and piping is on display, and next to it is the matching undies.

The lace edging the undies leg holes is done in a gradient green red and white, with an unfortunate designer placing the deep red lace right on the crotch of the knicker.

Big W lacy undies design fail red lace period blood look
A glaring design flaw on the undies sparked a flurry of hilarity online. Photo: Reddit

The result is.... relatable if a little awkward.

Lets just say the fit had shoppers seeing red... literally.

"Worst design ever. Period," was one very cheeky observation by a Reddit user.

"Bloody awful," another agreed.


Another thought there was an extremely practical, if unusual, reasoning behind the design.

"Period underwear for the risky days; pre-stained for your convenience," the person wrote

Others had a more distasteful theory.

"Those are returns," one shopper joked.

One thing everyone could agree on was who designed the awful underwear.

"Women's undies obviously designed by anyone but women," one person pointed out.

Sadly for any shopper dying to try the avant-garde look the lacy boyleg design seems to have been removed from the Big W website, possible after they spotted the flaw.

It's not the first time a pattern has accidentally made for a very awkward look.

Marks & Spencer swimmer bottoms ombre colour looks like period stain
These Marks & Spencer bottoms had shoppers blushing deeper than their unfortunate ombre gradient. Photo: Marks and Spencer

A Printed Lace up Plunge Bikini set from UK retailer Marks and Spencer similarly plunged the retail giant into some hot water after an unfortunate ombre design scheme on the bikini bottoms had shoppers doing a double take.

The bottoms were done in a blush pink that darkens to a deep red as it moves down the front, leaving a rather unpleasant effect.

To put it plainly, it looks more like a period leek than a summer sunset, and safe to say we dodged that particular buy one that summer.

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