Maher Gives 'A Christmas Carol' Glimpse At 'Scrooge' Trump's Alternate Life

Bill Mahergot into the holiday spirit early on Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time.”

To mark his last show until January, the comedian took inspiration from Charles Dickens’ novellaA Christmas Carolto imagine how it could all have turned out so differently for PresidentDonald Trump.

“Since Donald Trump is truly theEbenezer Scroogeof our time ― angry, rich, and hard to look at ― maybe tonight I could play the part of the ghost and show Trump an alternative reality of what his life could have been if he weren’t such a shit-head,” joked Maher.

He then proceeded to play out old interviews in which Trump said he didn’t want to make “tremendous amounts of money,” that he wanted to enjoy his life, that he believed in luck and actually chose love over work.

After speculating that Trump had changed due to “spending the last 20 years watchingFox News,” Maher concluded by asking: “Is it too late to bring back the old Trump?”

Check out the full segment above.

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