Bill Maher Roasts Jared Kushner And The Rest Of Trump's 'Best People'

“Real Time” hostBill Maher checked in on how key members of PresidentDonald Trump’s administration were faring on Friday night.

And the comedian wasn’t happy with what he found.

“They callJared Kushner‘Trump’s boy wonder’ because what anyone sees in him, boy, really makes you wonder,” joked Maher, as he evaluated what Trump’s son-in-law has accomplished with hiswide portfolio of responsibilities.

“He’s done nothing,” Maher summarized.

Noting that Trump had vowed during his 2016 election campaign to recruit “the best people” for his administration, Maher then examined the president’s other hires — and concluded much the same.

“There’s just no rules anymore,” said Maher. “These are the best people?Hot Dog on a Stickgoes through a more rigorous vetting process.”

Check out the full segment above.

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