Billie Eilish has night terrors

Billie Eilish suffers from night terrors.

The 18-year-old singer - whose debut album is called 'When We All fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?' - admitted she rarely gets a good rest and often her scary dreams "mess" her up so much, it ruins the whole day afterwards.

Asked if she's a good sleeper, she said: "Not at all. I have these terrifying dreams. Sleep paralysis, night terrors. It's like the whole night is terrifying and then I wake up.

"They really mess me up so the whole day is off sometimes."

But Billie's nighttime disturbances have proved inspirational sometimes, such as the video for her track 'Bury a Friend'.

She said: "They've given me a couple of ideas for my songs.

"I probably wouldn't have made that song the way it is if I hadn't had sleep paralysis and nightmares."

The teenage superstar admitted she felt "destroyed" by her emotional ballad 'I Love You'.

She told OK! Magazine: "Oh God, that song destroyed me. Love is terrifying.

"Just being in love with someone takes over everything about you and changes all the decisions that you make and changes the way you think about things."

And the 'Bad Guy' hitmaker reassured her fans not to worry about her darker material.

She said: "I'm just living, making my art.

"It's a really dark time and I'm speaking about it.

"I don't write from my perspective a lot, so you never know what you're getting, if it's from me or if it's from my creative side."