Billie Eilish requests restraining order over alleged break in

Billie Eilish is seeking a temporary restraining order against a man who allegedly attempted to break into her family home in Los Angeles.
According to, the 21-year-old pop star's lawyers have filed a request asking for protection from Christopher Anderson amid allegations he tried to gain access to her parents' house earlier this month while her father Patrick O'Connell has claimed he also turned up at the property several times since December.
The documents state police were called to the house five times and Billie says the incidents have caused her to suffer "substantial anxiety, fear, and emotional distress".
Anderson is said to have been declaring his love for the singer and hoping to meet her.
As well as asking for protection for herself, the singer is also seeking an order to keep her parents and brother Finneas safe.
She claims she no longer feels comfortable visiting the property where she and her brother grew up.
During the incident on January 5, police attended the scene and detained a man after receiving reports suggesting a masked intruder had attempted to scale a fence and gain access.
It comes after Billie opened up about her personal pain in an interview with Vogue magazine in which she explained how she spent years hating her body.
She told the publication: "Going through my teenage years of hating myself and all that stupid s***. A lot of it came from my anger towards my body, and how mad I was at how much pain it's caused me, and what I've lost because of things that happened to it … I felt like my body was gaslighting me for years. I had to go through a process of being like, My body is actually me. And it’s not out to get me."