Bizarre item used in DIY wedding favour divides online: 'Nothing cute about this'

Would you be happy if this was gifted to you?

L: Bride Lexi Troy on her Bachelorette party. R: DIY wedding favours being made out of salt
The bride has divided opinion online with her handmade wedding favours. Photo: Instagram and TikTok/lexifranksnappi

A bride has sparked debate on TikTok after revealing she hand-made all her wedding favours for guests by using a strange ingredient. Typically, the married couple provides a small gift for each wedding guest as a symbol of good luck and to thank their friends and families for their support.

Traditionally, a wedding favour would be an item like single chocolates, candied almonds or other treats. Couples are also known for gifting personalised items like coasters, shot glasses, pens or small succulents.

For my DIY wedding, I painstakingly transferred locally sourced honey into small mason jars for 100 guests, finishing it off with a honey dipper and a piece of blue gingham fabric.


In the same vein, bride Lexi Troy created her own "cute" wedding favours by lining up small glass bottles on her countertop. She then took a large container of Mediterranean sea salt and started pouring it into the bottles.

She finished the favours off by adding a small cork topper and personalised labels that said “EST 2024, SEA SALT” and the couple’s names, Caleb and Lexi.

In the comments, she said she purchased the tiny bottles from Amazon.

Her video of the process on TikTok has received over 1.6 million views, with people flooding the comment section to share their opinions on the “tacky” wedding favour.

“Genuine question, but like for what?” one gobsmacked person asked.

“But why salt?? Like out of all things, salt?” another wrote.

“I would be so confused lol, do I add it to my food, do I throw it at you like rice, do I rim my margarita with it. What’s it for lol,” a third mused.

Two screenshots from TikTok showing a bride making wedding favours using a jar of salt and smaller glass jars
Bride Lexi Troy made all her wedding favours by hand. Photo: TikTok/lexifranksnappi

“Ain’t nothing cute about this. Straight in the trash. Save the money and do something else,” another remarked.

“What are people going to do with sea salt in a container? You should have at least bought salt grinders. I would get something people could use like olive oil or maybe bottles of wine. This is cheap,” a TikToker commented.

However, other commenters pointed out that it was a practical wedding favour that people could actually use, as opposed to something like a pen engraved with the bride and groom’s name.

“I think it’s a cool idea. Would be something I actually use after the wedding,” one person gushed.

“Am I the only one who likes this idea because then they’re not stuck with something that has your wedding date on it if they choose to use the product? But they can keep it as a memory if they want to?” another asked.

“I love sea salt. The way I’d be stealing these from all the tables,” a third chimed in.

Two TikTok screenshots of a bride putting personalised wedding labels on her DIY wedding favours
She printed personalised labels with details of her wedding on it to stick on the bottles. Photo: TikTok/lexifranksnappi

“Love it. I always need a salt stash in my purse, no joke,” another added.

“In Hawaii – Kauai specifically – they give this as party favours because the salt here is more special. Salt beds are passed down from generations. Much more special than store bought mass produced salt,” a commenter said.


One TikToker also pointed out that gifting salt can actually have significance in the spiritual sense, saying: “This is so sweet! As a spiritual person, sea salt is the best!

"For those who don’t get it, it symbolises the preservation and endurance of the union and wards off any evil and blesses the marriage.”

In the end, we're sure that Lexi was unbothered by everyone's opinions. In fact, we hear she took it all with a grain of salt.

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