Bizarre sunflower wedding gown raises eyebrows

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A sunflower-style dress has divided opinions online. Photo:
A sunflower-style dress has divided opinions online. Photo:

An unusual, sunflower-adorned wedding gown has raised eyebrows and divided opinion after gaining attention online.

The dress was shared online by a wedding-goer who was fast to share her thoughts, and gave the look an immediate dismal.

“I have no words,” she wrote. “I understand some may like it but it’s a big fat no from me.”

Hallmarked by a backless finish and metre-long train, the look is topped off by an ensemble of sunflowers which assemble down its back.

And while the gown is definitely unlike traditional bridal attire, it attracted a stream of supporters who admired the unique aesthetic.

“That’s really fabulous in its own way.” wrote one user.

“Other than the lavender this is pretty neat, I like it,” quipped another.

“It looks gorgeous, seems impractical, but if it works I support it.”

However, critics were also vocal in their analysis and labelled the look everything from ‘tacky’ to ‘fragile’.

“This looks like bugs,” wrote one user, adding “I would love it if the flowers were real. Fake flowers are so tacky.”

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