Blondie's night disturbed by 'firing squad'

Blondie's gig was once interrupted by an "entire firing squad".
The group were performing at iconic New York nightspot CBGB in the 1970s when the show was suddenly interrupted, and they suspect it was partly to make a video of their gig look even "better".
Discussing memories of CBGB, singer Debbie Harry told Vulture: "Right before we went on the tour with David Bowie and Iggy Pop, there was a firing squad that came in. An entire firing squad!"
Bandmate Chris Stein added: "The fire department was called, and Rod Swenson, who was the Plasmatics’ manager at the time, was filming us doing our show that night. I’m pretty sure he called the fire department to make the video better."
The 'Call Me' hitmakers loved being at the club because it brought their community together.
Chris said: "It was a home away from home. We spent so much time there. By the time it was really getting a lot of attention, in the late ’70s and early ’80s, it didn’t have the same atmosphere that it did early on.
"It was like being in his apartment. There were big chairs, bookshelves, and a couch — that kind of stuff. It was this terrific and very eccentric atmosphere. I always felt the connection to the beats with Hilly and his lifestyle."
Debbie added: "One of the things about CBGB that many people don’t understand is it was a neighborhood thing. The equivalent of that exists to this day in the United Kingdom, like every little neighborhood has a pub where everybody goes and is the place to go. CBGB was that for our little downtown area."
Meanwhile, the 77-year-old frontwoman revealed she still has "almost everything" she's ever worn in her career in storage.
She said: "​​I have a storage room with almost everything that I’ve worn, including the album looks. It’s kind of funky."