Blue is the luxe nail shade making a comeback for winter - here are 8 chic ways to wear it

 Two hands featuring blue nail designs/ pictured on a blue knitted background.
Two hands featuring blue nail designs/ pictured on a blue knitted background.

Being the colour most synonymous with winter, it's only natural that blue nail designs are now entering the fray, with everything from dark navy to cobalt hues set to dominate the 2023 winter nail trends. 

While autumn saw warm browns and dark red nails soar in popularity, wintertime it seems, calls for altogether cooler tones. Indeed, the latest expensive-looking nail look we've seen making the rounds on Instagram - on everything from "squoval" nails to minimalist French tips - is about as cool as it gets.

Yes, blue is back but gone are the soft pastels of spring and summer and instead, we've saying hello to some dark and daring navy and sapphire winter nail colours. So, here are eight of the chicest blue manicures, guaranteed to elevate your cold-weather capsule wardrobe and help you embrace the season...

8 expensive-looking blue nail designs to wear this winter

OPI Nail Lacquer

RRP: £14.90

This is the perfect dark, icy blue shade which is currently dominating our Instagram feed. It offers a deep colour pay-off and looks so chic on short, square nails.

DIOR Vernis Nail Polish

RRP: £26

For those who prefer more muted tones but still want to embrace the blue nail season, this "Demin" polish from Dior is a must-try. It's a grey-blue that looks to mimic your favourite pair of jeans!

OPI Nail Polish

RRP: £14.90

If you're a lover of dark nail colours, this midnight hue is the perfect way to incorporate blue into your next manicure. The shade itself features a hint of green and will perfectly complement any nail shape.

From our copious social media scrolling, we've spotted a rise in both dark and vivid blues making the rounds, along with more muted sage tones and even misty aura nails. The many iterations mean that no matter your preference, there are bound to be a few blue nail looks in this lineup that appeal to your aesthetic.

Specific polishes like OPI's "Less is Norse" also appear to be key drivers for blue's rise in popularity (much like Chanel's "Rouge Noir" did for dark red nails) offering an affordable alternative to the salon, which is just another point in this colour trend's favour. All of the following looks, in fact, are easy to recreate at home and will no doubt offer plenty of inspiration for your next winter-ready manicure...

1. Icy dark blue nails

While warmer shades, like brown nail designs, are still very much in demand, it's never too early to start prepping for the next big manicure trend - especially when said mani looks this sophisticated.

A dark grey-blue shade is perfect for autumn/winter and offers a simple but bold look to compliment your various knit jumpers and trench coats. Personally, we think this block shade (OPI's "Less is Norse", in case you wanted to shop the exact colour) will see to all of your manicure needs until January, especially if your nails are short and squared -and if you're looking to elevate your minimalist capsule wardrobe with one, low-maintenance shade.

For the best payoff, apply two to three coats over one of the best nail strengtheners, like OPI's Nail Envy (at Amazon).

2. Cobalt blue nails

Cobalt or royal blue nails are also proving to be very popular, especially among those who love to make a statement with their manicures. This vibrant shade is also perfect for adding a pop of colour to an otherwise simple outfit. More so if you find your long coats and jackets are covering your day-to-day outfits and thus, making them feel a little dull.

Again, aim for two to three coats of this sapphire blue and be sure to finish with a clear, shiny top coat.

3. Blue aura nails

These nails make us feel cold just by looking at them, but in a good way - making them perfect for channelling wintertime.

For the perfect misty look, select a navy and grey or silver polish, then apply a coat of your chosen dark blue shade to your nails, before then taking a nail sponge (available at Amazon). Paint the edges of your sponge with dark blue, leaving a circle in the middle for your grey polish before dabbing the sponge on the centre of your nail - as the video above demonstrates. Finish with a glossy top coat.

4. Blue French Tips

If you're looking for a more subtle way to wear blue this winter, a French tip is always a good way to go. Any of the blue shades from this list will lend themselves to a chic look, we'd recommend a navy or cobalt hue though.

To recreate the thin, arching line, you may need either a nail stamper or a thin nail brush (available at Amazon) and a nude nail polish for the base colour.

5. Sage blue nails

For our muted nail lovers, this grey-blue is truly dreamy. It's a cross between sage and pastel blue and will look lovely alongside a knit jumper or camel coat.

If you're not a lover of statement colours, this icy shade is a great option and will compliment both short/squared nails as well as longer almond shapes.

6. Navy blue nails

For another dark option, this navy colour looks so expensive and clean. There's just something about this shade that creates such an air of maturity and sophistication that we're keen to replicate all season long.

Remember your nail strengthener and top coat when braving a deep shade like this one, to aim for three coats to avoid any streakiness.

7. Blue micro French tips

If you love a French tip but want to make it even more minimal, a micro French tip might be the answer, especially when it comes to wearing a royal or sky-blue shade.

This look is very neat and is a good option if you struggle to grow your nails long - to recreate that classic almond shape - or naturally, they're more squared.

8.Grey blue nails

For those really looking to embrace the coldness of winter, a lighter blue-grey tone is definitely the way to go.

Again, more simplistic nail designs are proving to be the most popular this year and this muted grey definitely fulfils the assignment.