Blue Wiggle Anthony Field reveals panic attack after Yellow Wiggle collapsed

Kristine Tarbert
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Anthony Field says he had a panic attack. Photo: Channel 7

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field has opened up about the fact he suffered a panic attack when he saw his friend and bandmate Greg Page collapse during The Wiggles’ bushfire appeal concert.

Speaking to Triple M Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning on Monday about the terrifying incident at the group’s Friday night show he said seeing Greg ‘“lifeless” was the “worst thing”.

“I have a few mental condition myself so I go into a panic attack, I was on the ground,” Anthony told the program.

“The next day I went to visit him and I was talking to him (about what happened) and he had no recollection of what happened, and when I was telling him I relived it in my head and I started having another panic attack.”

The Blue Wiggle Anthony Field on stage at The Wiggle's second show. Photo: Instagram/anthony_wiggle

Yellow Wiggle suffers cardiac arrest on stage

His bandmate Greg Page collapsed on stage and went into cardiac arrest during Friday night’s bushfire relief concert in Sydney.

He was treated by medics on the scene before being rushed to hospital where he underwent a ‘procedure,’ according to tweets by the Aussie band’s official account.

“As has been reported, our friend Greg Page suffered a cardiac arrest at the end of the bushfire relief performance and was taken to hospital,” a tweet shared at 3.11 am on Saturday read.

The ‘medical incident’ occurred at the end of the group’s over-18’s only fundraiser performance at Castle Hill RSL, with footage showing Greg thanking the 800-strong crowd before collapsing at the side of the stage.

A flurry of people rushes across the stage to Greg’s aid as the curtain is hastily drawn.

Amid the confusion, Red Wiggle Murray Cook addresses the audience, saying that the band won’t be playing their final song, “Hot Potato”.

“Guys I think we're going to end it there. Greg's not feeling real well. I think he's going to be OK but he's not feeling real well so I don't think we can go on with another song,” he says.

Blue Wiggle recalls moment Greg Page was ‘gone’

A teary Anthony opened up to reporters the next day recalling the terrifying moment Greg Page was 'gone'.

“He was gone. He came off stage and collapsed and there was no pulse, there was no breathing,” a visibly emotional Anthony told 7News outside Westmead Hospital on Saturday afternoon.

He thanked two of The Wiggles’ cast and crew - drummer Steve Pace and a woman named Kim - for administering CPR, as well as a nurse from the audience who used a defibrillator.

Hero nurse helps save Yellow Wiggle

Nurse Grace Jones, who works at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital, jumped at the chance to watch Murray Cook, Greg Page, Anthony Field, and Jeff Fatt perform a special show to raise funds for the ongoing bushfire crisis.

She had no idea she would end up stepping in to help save Greg Page’s life.

Hero nurse Grace Jones. Photo: Facebook/Grace Jones

Grace approached a security guard and asked if anyone required medical assistance. She was lead backstage where she saw drummer Steve Pace and crew member Kimmy Antonell performing CPR.

That’s when she said she “flicked a switch” and jumped into work mode.

“I went in and I just used all the knowledge that helped him, and saved him,” she told reporters. “I didn’t go to the concert expecting to do that so it all feels a bit surreal,” she added.

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