Bob Saget's family attorney shuts down speculation about actor's death

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Bob Saget's family wants to "mourn in peace" — and new speculation surrounding the actor's death isn't helping.

Brian H. Bieber, who is representing the Saget family, tells Yahoo Entertainment on Thursday, "The records released tell the entire story — that is — Bob passed away after a fall and hitting his head in his hotel room. Now that the medical examiner's and police department's records have been released after their respective thorough investigations, the Saget family would appreciate privacy to mourn in peace."

Police have closed the case and released a final report on their investigation to the public. Among the documents they provided are a handful of interviews with people who were with Saget before his sudden death. The Full House star contracted COVID-19 weeks before he passed away, which he mentioned to staff at his stand up comedy show the night of Jan. 8.

"I did hear him say, 'I don't feel good, but I'm ready to do the show. This is what I do this for.' He kinda seemed like he was talking himself up," one witness told police. "He stated ... it was taking his body a long time to get over [COVID]. ... He said that his hearing had been off and that was the case that night. He was asking the sound guys to turn everything up."

The woman continued, "He said he had been sick the night before, he said he had a sore throat, that he was happy he had lozenges for the stage."

Saget, who was found deceased in his hotel bed on the afternoon of Jan. 9, told the same witness he was "OK," though.

"[Bob] wasn't sweaty, he didn't miss a beat, he didn't stutter, his language wasn't drawn out, nothing slurred," the person declared. "He came out very energetic ...very much entertaining the crowd."

Saget was COVID positive at the time his autopsy was performed on Jan. 10. The actor's official cause of death was blunt head trauma. Photos of his hotel room released Tuesday show the carpeted floor and padded headboard that could have killed him.

The actor is survived by wife, Kelly Rizzo, and his three daughters: Lara, Aubrey and Jennifer Saget.

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