Boozy guacamole is a thing and we’re tipsy just talking about it

Carly Williams

Just when you think Guacamole couldn’t get any better – they go and add alcohol.

Melbourne’s Third Wave Cafe is serving a dish called ‘Triple BBQ Nachos’ and the addition of a shot of tequila takes it to the next level.

Introducing the Triple BBQ Nachos. Photo: Be

The dreamboat meal is two-and-a-half kilos of fried corn tortillas, melted aged cheddar, Mexican cheese, BBQ sauce, liquid cheese, sour cream, slow smoked chicken, pulled pork and a 10-hour slow-smoked beef rib.

But the showstopper is the guac – made with pecans, tomato salsa, apple and shots of tequila.

The guac is made with pecans, tequila and apple. Photo: Be

The subtle crunch of the nuts paired with the sweetness from the apple make the dish like nothing we’ve tasted before.

And, of course, the zing of the Patron is perfection.

There's three different types of cheeses. Photo: Be

Third Wave Café has the Triple BBQ Nachos on the menu as special for the month of October.

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