Boris Becker slammed by ex

Boris Becker's ex-wife has slammed him as selfish.
The 55-year-old tennis superstar shares son Amadeus, 13, with estranged wife Lily Becker, 46, but she claims that Boris - who served eight months of his two and a half year prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud - only thinks about himself.
She told the Daily Mail newspaper: "Prison has not changed him one little bit Boris has come out of prison doing the whole 'I am so humble' thing. But it's a constant stream of Me, Me, Me. Give me a break."
Speaking about an interview Boris did on German TV when he was released from prison, she added: "Thanks God for the Peleton bike. I went upstairs and went on it for an hour, but he was still talking when I came down again, and I just caught a bit where he was crying. Fake tears. Embarrassing, actually. Was he taking acting lessons in prison? It made me laugh. I know this man. I was married to this man. I am still married to this man. Boris doesn't care about anybody but Boris.
"Then there was a magazine interview where he was commenting on how it takes an intelligent couple to co-parent a child. He was talking about his first wife Barbara [Felthus], who has never spoken out, challenging his version, his narrative.
"He seemed to forget I was married to him for many of those years, so there were three of us co-parenting.
"Then he started talking about his new girlfriend, about how she is the big love of his life. What? How many of them can you have? No disrespect to her – I'm happy for them, honestly – but how can he talk to the world about the big love of his life, while the person who should be the love of his life, his son, was barely mentioned."
And, Lily has been disappointed by how Boris has talked about their marriage in interviews.
She said: "'I don't know where he is. He seems to be on the move a lot. I didn't expect things to change when he came out of prison, but I kind of hoped maybe he would appreciate that I'd had to pick up his mess. A thank-you would have been great. Instead, I got the opposite – jibes from his many interviews.
"I didn't ask for much. Someone should have given him a book in prison about how to co-parent. He would have had time to read it. He could have learned something."