Boris Johnson puts up united front with Rishi Sunak to warn against 'disaster' of Labour government

Boris Johnson has made his first public appearance in the Conservative election campaign to warn voters against electing a Labour government on 4 July.

The former prime minister told an audience in central London that a potential Labour government led by Sir Keir Starmer would "destroy so much of what we have achieved".

Mr Johnson, who was rumoured to make an appearance at some point in the campaign, spoke before Rishi Sunak at an event designed to rally supporters in the final hours before polling day.

Alluding to their past disagreements as prime minister and chancellor, Mr Johnson said: "Whatever our differences they are trivial to the disaster we may face."

He said Westminster was about to go "diametrically in the opposite direction" to the progress the country had achieved over COVID and economic growth.

"None of us can sit back as a Labour government prepares to use a sledgehammer majority to destroy so much of what we have achieved, what you have achieved," he said.

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Mr Johnson, who won the largest Conservative majority in 2019 since the years of Margaret Thatcher, repeated the warnings that have been made by the Tories continuously throughout the campaign that Sir Keir was on course for a "supermajority" that could hamper democratic accountability.

"Is it not therefore the height of insanity, if these polls are right, that we are about to give Labour a supermajority which they will use to make us nothing but the punk of Brussels, taking EU law by dictation with no say on how that law is made?" he asked.

He accused Labour of "barely" being able to conceal their agenda of tax rises and of being "so complacent".

"Poor old Starmer is so terrified of disobeying left wing dogma that he's reluctant to explain the difference between a man and a woman, and he just he just sits there with his mouth opening and shutting like a stunned mullet," he went on.

"Do we want this kind of madness? Do we want ever higher taxes? Do we want more wokery imposed on our schools? And yet this is coming now."

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Mr Johnson's surprise appearance came after a poll by Survation predicted Labour would win a majority of 318 seats, surpassing the 179 achieved by Sir Tony Blair in 1997.

The pollster said Sir Keir would win 484 seats out of the total of 650, while the Tories would crash to 64 seats - just three more than the Liberal Democrats.

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Mr Sunak thanked his predecessor for his support, adding: "Boris was right to say now is the time for all Conservatives to come together to deny Labour that super majority that Keir Starmer craves.

"We have 48 hours to save Britain from the danger of a Labour government."

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper said Mr Johnson's appearance was an "insult to everyone who made heartbreaking sacrifices during the pandemic".

"Rishi Sunak has reached a desperate new low, turning to a man who discredited the office of prime minister and lied to the country time after time.

"It is time to boot out this tired and sleaze-ridden Conservative party, and elect Liberal Democrat MPs who will stand up for their communities."