Boy Meets World star Matthew Lawrence reflects on childhood fame: 'It wasn't easy!'

Matthew Lawrence had an "odd upbringing" because of childhood fame.
The 43-year-old actor starred alongside Robin Williams in 'Mrs. Doubtfire' and attained wider recognition for his leading role in the Disney Channel sitcom 'Boy Meets World' when he was in his early teens but admitted that becoming famous at such a young age meant he had grow and learn in a different order than most.
He told Fox News Digital: "It was an odd upbringing that I had. I got everything in, but I didn’t get it in on the same timeline that you normally get. Like, things I should have learned in my teens, I had to learn in my 20s and vice versa. So, I got it all in, I was fortunate.
Matthew went on to explain that because he was surrounded by a "great family unit", he was able to stay grounded amid his stardom but admitted that early fame is never as "easy" as it might have looked in those days.
He said: "I had a great family unit. My mom was a teacher, so she made sure I was grounded. And the industry was just like after-school sports or anything else, so I got very, very fortunate in that way. But you know there are still times, it wasn’t always easy. As long as people understand it … it’s not exactly as the way it looks.
"I came up in an era in the business where they would throw you in, and if something bad happened, they’d expect you to roll with it, whether it was on camera or off. And that’s just the way that it was.
I think people are more aware to it these days, and I think things are starting to change and that’s great. We can always only get better