Brandon Flowers says people can be 'aggressive and greedy' when it comes to selfies

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Brandon Flowers says some of his fans can be "aggressive and a little bit greedy" when taking selfies.
Although the Killers frontman doesn't mind posing for pictures with his fans, he admitted it can get frustrating when they are unhappy with how their picture looks and want to retake it a few times.
According to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, Brandon said: "Some people are a little bit aggressive and a little bit greedy.
“They’re not happy with how their picture looks. Now, I’m taking the third and fourth picture with people because they’re not happy with their selfie.
"I know I sound like I’m being curmudgeonly."
This isn't the first time Brandon , 41, has spoken about his frustration with selfies.
Speaking to in 2017, he said: "If I went to a gig that I was fully invested in, that I was going to pay money for — and I was really receptive to spiritual experiences, you know, I wanted it — I had such a reverence for the singers. I was so excited to see people like Morrissey and Robert Smith and be breathing the same air and be in the same room as Dave Gahan, so every concert I went to in my teenage years was special to me.
"Now, it's changed so much. I'm the singer of a band and people aren't content with just being in a room with you anymore. It's not just an autograph, it's a selfie and you can't take it with the whole group, it's got to be everybody on their own.
"I once went to the Hard Rock because I heard Martin Gore was at the Circle Bar at the Hard Rock, and I went and just watched him. I just wanted to get a glimpse of him and his hair and see what kind of a jacket he was wearing. I guess I had a different approach to it all."

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