Brazil plans Putin’s G20 summit visit despite ICC warrant – report

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

The Brazilian government is arranging for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to attend the 2024 G20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro in person, despite an outstanding arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC), Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo reported on March 31.

Brazil, having ratified the Rome Statute which established the ICC, has the jurisdiction to arrest the Russian leader. However, the Brazilian government has proposed to the United Nations International Law Commission that Putin and other leaders receive immunity during their international visits, protecting them from prosecution and legal actions.

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The proposal from Brazil's government does not directly reference Putin by name but refers to a scenario that matches the Russian leader's current legal circumstances.

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The G20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro is scheduled for autumn 2024. The Kremlin has not yet confirmed whether Putin will participate in the event.

The ICC issued arrest warrants for Putin and Russian Children’s Ombudsperson Maria Lvova-Belova on March 17, 2023. They are accused of illegally abducting children from Ukraine to Russia since Feb. 24, 2022.

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