Bre Tiesi Focuses on Being 'Fully Present' with Son Legendary: 'Every Phase Is Beautiful' (Exclusive)

The 'Selling Sunset' Star tells PEOPLE about all the special moments she's enjoyed with her toddler son this summer

Bre Tiesi is embracing every moment of her little boy's life.

Speaking with PEOPLE, the Selling Sunset star, 32, talked about striving to be present and engaged while maintaining a full plate as a busy working mom. The luxury real estate expert shares son Legendary Love, 14 months, with Nick Cannon.

"Every next phase is just more beautiful, so I try to just be present," she tells PEOPLE. "It's so cool to be able to actually be here with him and capture these moments. I have his first steps, which I was so worried I was going to miss."

And while she's excited to see her baby boy gaining new skills, it's also bittersweet for the new mom.
"It's such a beautiful thing but it's also sad at the same time, because they grow up so quick," she says. "I'm torn on how to feel about it."

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<p>Legend Cannon/Bre Tiesi/Instagram</p>

Legend Cannon/Bre Tiesi/Instagram

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This summer has been all about making memories, with Tiesi embarking on international travel with Legendary for the first time.

"I actually felt very guilty going there because I don't ever want to leave him. I looked at him and knew, 'I can't leave you for two weeks.' It just wasn't an option," she shares.

The mother and son headed to Mongolia, a trip that began with a long flight from Los Angeles to Seoul.

"I did want to see how he would travel, but I think what I messed up on was not bringing a sound machine for him to sleep. It became kind of an issue but he did really well. Going there it was 12 hours, then we stopped in Seoul and stayed for two days so that we could adjust before taking another three-hour flight to Mongolia."

<p>Bre Tiesi/Instagram</p>

Bre Tiesi/Instagram

Once they were there, the two made some special memories together as they explored the area's culture.

"We have this epic shot that I haven’t shared yet. We’re standing in this beautiful scenery and there's a yurt, which is what they call their home, in the background. And you can see this huge eagle, which they're famous for, and then you see like all the horses. We're in what's called a deel, which is like their attire, and [Legendary] is in a little baby doll outfit. It is so epic and such an amazing moment, representing their culture and being there. It was such a dope photo."

Although the traveling duo wasn't aware the trip would include some "long car rides," Tiesi says Legendary did "really well" with the "extensive" active trip.

"It was hard on him, but he did really well. He only cracked on the last flight, on our way home. He screamed the whole way, which was brutal, but he was just done at that point," she laughs. "But aside from that, he really loved it and did so well, especially for his age."

<p>Bre Tiesi/Instagram</p>

Bre Tiesi/Instagram

Tiesi has previously spoken out about night nurses and different help to make life as a working mom smoother, telling PEOPLE, "I do have support, and I've always had support."

"My support started with somebody who was basically considered family to me who worked in the midwife departments. She'd have him when I'd go to work, but that's really the only time," she explains. "I did hire a nanny so she can travel with us and help out. So I have him with me all the time, but she's here with me a couple of hours during the day so I can get some work done and run errands."

"After work and on the weekends, it's just us. I think having a nanny is helpful so that you can do anything, from taking a shower to going to the grocery store, the simple things. It's nice just to have another set of hands in the house and I think it makes it so that in my time with him, I can be completely indulged and focused on him."

She adds, "It's worked out really nicely and now I'm able to get a little bit more rest as well."

<p>Bre Tiesi/Instagram</p> Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi/Instagram

Bre Tiesi

Tiesi isn't sure whether she believes in "balance," admitting she's "still trying to set up restrictions for work."

"I'll be at work from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and that's when they have me. You can schedule whatever you need, this is when I'm available. I don't work after that and I don't work on the weekends. That's been the only way I'm able to really do it because otherwise, I'm a workaholic and that would be completely unfair to my child. I feel really lucky that I can draw those lines, so I think that's the best I've gotten with structure so far."

Since joining Selling Sunset, not only has Tiesi gotten busier, but she's gotten more attention for fierce fashion decisions that she also extends to her little boy.

"Honestly, I just implement the same kinds of things I enjoy. I love monochromatic, I love neutrals and I'll definitely throw in some color. I try to do like whatever the season that’s coming, whatever the color of that season is going to be. I like a full matching fit, but I try to give him a little bit more swag," she says.

"I give him a little bit of dad's juice with a little bit of mine. So, his wardrobe is quite interesting, from having Burberry button-downs to having swagged-out full Adidas sets that are custom to match Dad. So he's good, he's got an excellent little wardrobe."

Bre Tiesi/Instagram Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi kissing son Legendary Love
Bre Tiesi/Instagram Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi kissing son Legendary Love

Tiesi says her own style has "changed a little bit" since becoming a mom.

"I covered up a little bit more as I was nursing and trying to get my body back, which I still am," she tells PEOPLE. "I think the first year, i swayed more into this swaggy fashion, a bit more masculine. It's something I already wore but I think I also elevated it. But in everyday life, it's the same. I live in sweatpants."

New mom life can be tough, but Tiesi has been thankful to have a great support system to share her ups and downs with, noting, "the mom community is everything."

"All of my mom friends, they each have such different parenting styles and upbringings and beliefs on how to raise their kids. I think that I am lucky that I get to watch everyone and see what I like and what works for me. I can consult with people that are in the same boat," she says.

"I think having that support is what's so great about parenting because you can actually see firsthand how it's working for people. I did a lot of research when I was pregnant even though I already had an idea of how I wanted to parent and what my beliefs are, I definitely learned a lot of tips to help me from my mom friends."

<p>Bre Tiesi/Instagram</p> Bre Tiesi at Disney with son Legendary

Bre Tiesi/Instagram

Bre Tiesi at Disney with son Legendary

As the year goes on, Tiesi is enjoying "seeing all the milestones," with Legendary picking up new words recently.

"It's the joy for me right now. But the hardest thing is that he's just running around everywhere. He's so curious and into everything. You can't turn around for one second. You cannot take your eyes off of this kid. And if you think you have something baby-proofed and the house is great, he'll find something. It's hilarious how on it he is right now."

As the year winds down, Tiesi is looking forward to "building those memories" with her toddler. "I've literally booked out six months of activities every weekend," she laughs.

"Workwise, I have a lot of stuff that's coming up. I feel like I've been working on so many things and they're just starting to come to fruition, so I'm really excited about that. There's a lot going on and I'm so happy to see things come out of the hard work. I'm just getting out of survival mode. I'm starting to refocus on everything and we'll see what happens."

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