Selling Sunset's Bre gives an update on if she's leaving the show

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Bre Tiesi on if she'll return to Selling SunsetNetflix

Ok, we have a LOT to unpack from Netflix's Selling Sunset season seven, from Nicole and Chrishell's ongoing feud, to Amanza and Chrishell's surprising fall out, to the arrival of new agent Cassandra. But before we get into all of that, we need to address one major question - is Bre leaving Selling Sunset?

In the final episode of season seven Bre, who joined in season six, was seen arguing with Chelsea over new agent Cassandra. Earlier in the season Cassandra had introduced herself to Bre and the other agents at an open house in Mexico. She claimed to have known Bre previously, a fact Bre was quick to dispute and the pair didn't get on for the rest of the season.

Chelsea, who has also not got along with Bre for the majority of seasons six and seven, addressed the way Bre and Cassandra interacted at a party for the Oppenheim Group. The conversation ended rather dramatically with Bre exiting the building and saying: "I'm done with this whole f***ing s*** I'm sick of this s***! F*** the show. F*** this f***ing office!"

is bre tiesi leaving selling sunset

The season ended there with no update as to Bre's future on Selling Sunset or at the Oppenheim Group. So will Bre be returning for another season? Here's what you need to know.

Is Bre Tiesi leaving Selling Sunset?

During the Selling Sunset reunion on 15th November Bre gave an update on whether she'll be returning to The Oppenheim Group. Bre was asked by host Tan France whether she would return next series and she said: "that's undecided".

The camera then pans to Jason who looks less than pleased with Bre's answer. Awkward.

However Bre is still listed on The Oppenheim Group's website as one of their agents, so maybe there's hope for us yet?

During the final episode of season seven as well as feuding with Cassandra and Chelsea, Bre had a difficult conversation with Jason about her commission split at The Oppenheim Group.

In her previous role at a different brokerage she said she had a 90/10 commission split with the brokerage, whereas at The Oppenheim Group the agents get a 80/20 split, with the brokerage taking 20% of the commission.

is bre tiesi leaving selling sunset

She asked Jason about changing her commission split, adding the difficult situation she was having with Chelsea was making her re-evaluate her options. However, Jason refused to budge saying: "I certainly wouldn't want you leaving the brokerage because of the acts of one of the other agents, and I want you to stay but the commission split's not negotiable."

Following that conversation, Jason has refused to confirm whether Bre has left the show. When asked by the Mail Online if Bre is still an agent at his brokerage he said: "You'd have to ask her, I am [on good terms with Bre]."

Please can someone just give us answer?

Selling Sunset season seven is available on Netflix now

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