Breastfeeding mum's hilarious response after being told to 'cover up'

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A breastfeeding mum had the perfect putdown for a woman who asked her to “cover up”.

Nicolle Blackman was at a McDonald's in Washington in the US, when she moved to a corner to feed her three-month-old son, Cameron.

The mum-of-two, who claims she never exposed her nipple, says that she was then confronted by a woman who asked her to cover up after her husband couldn't stop staring.

However, Nicolle was so annoyed at the demand she decided to respond by covering up her face instead of her breast, which she says caused the upset wife to “grab her husband and leave”.

This mum had the funniest response! Photo: Caters

The 29-year-old hopes this will give other women strength to feed their babies in public.

“I was very annoyed when she said that. Why would I cover up my son? He holds his breath when he's covered,” she said, “I was surprised. I think she was upset because her husband was looking. He didn't seem to pay her any attention when she was talking."

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“I noticed he was staring. I understand people are curious and it doesn't bother me. I'm going to feed my son regardless. His wife was really concerned but I wasn't concerned.

“You could only see the side of my boob so I was like 'okay' and covered my face. She grabbed her husband and left. My daughter said she looked mad.”
Nicolle added that she had covered herself while her son was “latching” so no nipple was exposed.

Nicolle didn't want her son to suffer. Photo: Caters

Her son had also just undergone surgery to clip the bits of skin connecting his lips to his mouth, meaning he was unable to bottle feed at the time.

“There is nothing wrong with covering up if that's what you choose to do. Nobody knew that my son had surgery and wouldn't take a bottle. People are judging before they know the story,” she said.

“I'm hoping to help other women by speaking out about it to encourage them to stand up for their children. Just do whatever is best for them. If they want to cover that's fine, if they don't that's fine too.

“I have been told many times that I should feed him in the bathroom and I said, 'that's disgusting, would you eat in the bathroom? Why would I feed my child in the bathroom?'

“One time when I was feeding in a park a woman came up to me and said she would never have breastfed in public if she hadn't seen me. It was encouraging and it felt good that I could give someone the strength to do it.”

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