The Brennans are left in total shock

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

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Did Fay really kill Hamish, or is she lying to protect her son?

After Xanthe is suspended from school and work, Jimmy comes forward to admit that he stole the alcohol in the first place.

Karl and Susan return from London in a grumpy mood, and Karl is infuriated to discover that the new hospitalwing is going ahead thanks to Paul's generosity.

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And coming soon…

  • Fay admits that her confession to Hamish's murder was fabricated.
  • Aaron finally gets the truth from Rory, but is it too late for him and David?
  • Sheila and Shane take a test, with rather unexpected results.
  • Amy does Paul a favour, but she also exacts a heavy price.
  • Dipi learns Kirsha is being bullied at school.

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