Brian Blessed wanted to have had sex with Katharine Hepburn

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Brian Blessed wanted to have had sex with Katharine Hepburn.
The ‘Flash Gordon’ star was not bothered in the 70s by the three decade age gap between him and his ‘The Trojan Women’ co-star to make the moves but revealed that they “didn’t make love” and instead just opted for a little kiss and a cuddle with the Oscar winner
The 83-year-old actor told the Daily Star: “We didn’t make love, but we kissed and we held each other.
“I didn’t make the final move in the end. I didn’t feel anything about nme being 31 and she being 61.”
Brian felt there was “too much pressure” for it to be really romantic with the late ‘Bringing Up Baby’ star -who passed away in 2003, aged 96 - from the people around them.
He added: “There was too much pressure from so-called associates and friends.”
The ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ star - who has worked in showbiz for over six decades - has himself left an impression on other A-listers, such as his mediation partner Kenneth Branagh, who says it has “benefited” him greatly.
In January, Kenneth said: “"I have walked or meditated with Brian Blessed at least once a week for nearly 40 years. "We couldn't be more opposite, but he introduced me to a meditation from which I've benefited from enormously. He's had a big impact on what you might call my spiritual growth. "He is this loud-voiced, larger-than-life figure - but I also know him as a very deep, very quiet, intelligent and cultured man."

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