Brian Cox believes movies 'are finished'

Brian Cox believes that movies are "finished" as an art form.

The 'Succession' star believes that the cinema format has been usurped by television because audiences have embraced binge-watching and want more from their dramas.

In an interview on Simon Mayo's Scala Radio show, Brian said: "Movies are done, they're finished. They really are. It's lovely to see 'Parasite' and it's great that that's had the success that it's got, well done. It extends out which is great. But there's an element that's slightly tokenistic about it but I won't go into that here."

The 73-year-old actor - who recently won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of media mogul Logan Roy in television series 'Succession' - agrees with audiences as he enjoys the freedom that multiple episodes can offer a story compared to a movie.

Brian said: "Drama has changed, it's no longer three acts, it's a first act and a very, very long second act... I think that's where we've arrived at, the long form serves the dramatist, serves the performer exceedingly well. You can go through contradictions that happen in life and in character ... That's what so interesting about television. It's the long form. Audiences love it, they love this thing of binge-watching."

Brian has recently been airing his views on the modern acting business and just a few weeks ago bemoaned the lack of opportunities for the working class in the arts.

Speaking to ES magazine, he said: "I knew I wanted to be an actor from the age of two, when I stood on a box and danced and sang for the family. And when I first came to London, I had a grant.

"So many in that generation had grants to train as actors, to travel, and then you had great working-class writers, too. David Storey, Alan Bennett, Alan Sillitoe; you had Albert Finney, Tom Courtenay, Richard Harris, fantastic actors. I remember seeing Albert Finney in 'Saturday Night And Sunday Morning', and thinking, 'That is the kind of thing I am going to do.' And I could, and I did.

"I never became a luvvie. I can look back on my career and think I did a lot of what I set out to do.

"But kids starting out today, it's back to who you know and have your parents got money. Feudal. F***ing feudal."